Welcome to TEIASI.com

TEI is an independent, privately held nondestructive testing & inspection services contractor. Formed in 1987, the company provides quality NDE services to industrial and commercial concerns nationwide.

The company has extensive experience providing NDE support on construction projects, in-service inspections and fabrications across a wide spectrum of materials and codes. Services are 100 % mobile. TEI is available for prompt dispatch to remote sites, your facility or other designated location. The company also provides in-house testing in the Washington, PA and Amherst, NY labs.

TEI is
Quality People – Trained & Certified
Professional Service – On Time and Prepared
Sound Safety Practices - Prevention and Protection
Our clients are involved in these markets:
  • Gas & Oil Pipelines
  • Compressor stations, Storage fields
  • Power Generation (Fossil, Hydro, Nuclear)
  • Petro Chemical Refineries
  • Foundries, Metal Fabrication
  • Buildings, Bridges
  • Mining equipment
  • Aircraft and Aircraft components
  • Oil static pipelines
  • Plastics & Composites